We make digital currency effortless

Trade smart

Stay ahead of the game. We monitor your accounts 24/7 so you don't have to. High-def charting you can trade on.

Trade simple

One account for all of the world's top exchanges. Access any exchange, anytime, anywhere...

Trade safe

100% encrypted. 100% secure. We never store your funds, and you always have full control.


1. Strong security measures

Kosmoh follows the strongest security measures. We respect our user's privacy so we do not allow access third parties to their confidential data. The platform does not even require any personal data of user in trading with us. Kosmoh follows self encryption techniques to secure its transactions. This scheme of encryption can only be broken by the user only. For peer to peer transactions one is not even required to furnish their identity details.

3. Global network

Kosmoh is programmed as a global distributed network. It is accessible to anyone across the borders. Anybody can download the software and commence trading from anywhere. Border is not a constraint for Kosmoh.

2. Quick transaction

Kosmoh has established a set up of quick transactions. It transacts money within a very short span of time compared to traditional banking methods. It has a low cost of transactions too. Both the features opens its door towards being a future payment system replacing the existing ones.

4. Guaranteed response

Kosmoh ensures its users to receive the best of services so we do believe in quickest of possible responses. Our team listens to all their queries and helps them in overcoming all complexities regarding trading. Our platform believes in educating our users first and then expecting a growth so we provide a team of experts and valuable resources.

5. Flexibility

Kosmoh as a trading platform is widely flexible in its operations. It offers a range of cryptocurrencies listed on this exchange, in which a user can trade efficiently. Since cryptography and blockchain technology are the future such flexibility and multiplicity is required.

Compliance Guard

Transparent Audit Trail

All your transactions are recorded on distributed and immutable ledger timely. And its documentation is done in safe and sound tamper guarded environment.

Logic of Business Rule

We notify you with the uptime pre-trade and post-trade compliance norms, specified in the Order & Execution management system.

Compliance Monitoring

It provides you leading edge audit capabilities through real-time transaction monitoring and transparency in both mandate-specific and regulatory compliances.

What we offer?

We build the platform to rise, peoples towards the bright future in terms of financial success. We found the key to success in these safest platforms for investment.

Kosmoh Products

Digital product that enrich your life and help you grow.


We invest your money in profitable currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Our Product

Product that gives us power to boost your investment with us.

Executive Team

Jim Ashe Founder and CEO

Jim is an experienced Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast and visionary behind many successful organizations. A passionate entrepreneur, Jim has a knack for designing distinctive business models complemented with superior technology to deliver unparalleled service and profitability. Jim’s experience as an executive of many private companies brings significant value for new ventures he consults for. His forward-thinking abilities created revolutionary start-ups which now helped millions of Americans. Jim also has been advising and consulting for various successful Blockchain technology projects and currently serves as CEO of Kosmoh.

Pete Isner Head of BD and Co-founder

Experienced Director Of Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, AutoCAD, Team Building, Project Coordination, Adobe Photoshop, and Bookkeeping. Strong business development professional with a Master’s degree focused in Business Administration and Management.

Having been integrally involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space for the past almost three years, He has acquired deep knowledge of the digital asset exchange market, crypto mining, associated equipment manufacturers, power infrastructures, industry-leading product offerings, and of course, the blockchain transaction and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Pete had won many hats and added value across sales, business development, marketing, project management, customer service, ICO preparation, investor relations, and more.

Donna Reyna Chief Technical Officer

Donna Reyna is a Chief Technology Officer of KOSMOH, in her 15+ years of experience, she helped many start-ups as well as established companies with their technology vision, strategy, and execution.

Donna is a visionary leader known for successful leading-edge product development, technology execution, reducing costs, and increasing revenues through team-building and creation of effective designs, software applications, IT solutions, and processes.

Donna’s Areas of expertise are Software Product Development, Leadership and Supervision, Team Building (on-shore and off-shore) Technology R&D, Software Architecture, Strategic Technology Planning & Execution, IT Infrastructure, IT Security, IT Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Centres, High Availability Systems, Budget Development, Process Re-engineering and Project Management.

Mia McBride Blockchain Engineer

Ms. Mia McBride is considered to be a multifaceted, and sophisticated software professional with a solid history and 12 years of experience in effective analysis, project management, improved user experience, desktop support, customer service, and solid issue resolutions.

Some of her key areas of expertise, include:

Design, develop and implement key system and application architecture components that support the creation, transfer, and storage of digital assets.

Build products that can interface with a variety of blockchain consensus mechanisms such as proof of stake, and delegated byzantine fault tolerance

Develop products that incorporate advanced private key and wallet components such as multi-sig, key sharding, and hardware security modules

Develop and implement software modules which integrate with various internal and external wallet systems.

Diagnose and resolve system issues in production and external customer facing environments.

Tyler WeahGlobal Master - Affiliates

Tyler is certified as a Master of International Business from London Business Business School, with 9 years of experience excelling and developing national and international businesses in the UK, US, and Brazil, while reporting or dealing directly with C-level executives. Knowledgeable in business development, strategic partnerships, global strategy, supply chain management, market research, consultancy, digital marketing, content writing, inbound sales, and CRM. Strong networking and business opportunities in the UK and the US.

Tyler is responsible for the successful launching of large scale software, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in various firms by performing management functions such as planning, strategy, promotion, organizing, process improvements, and operations management, ensuring the successful delivery and marketing of each project

Michael Reyna Community Manager

Experienced Global Marketing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the brand management and Financial industry over the past 14 years. Strong marketing professional skilled in Financial Product Development, Advertising, Integrated Campaigns, Marketing Strategy, and Event Management.

With 14 years' experience in marketing, brand strategy, product development, merchandising, licensing and retail management within financial products, forex trading, cryptocurrency, and different exchanges.

Resourceful and ambitious with a proven track record of shaping global brand strategies to drive category growth. Customer-centricity is at the core of every strategy, bringing brands and products to market for the consumer, providing differentiation for the customer and focussing on innovation to drive growth.

Development Team

Corey Witon Android Engineer

Scott Hughes Project Manager

Mark Hemming QA Engineer

Olga Stefano Technology Lead - OTA

Olivia Case Front End Engineer

Doris Hottinger Mobile Application Engineer

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